Ancient Treasures of Luoyang (Englisch und Chinesisch)




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The city of Luoyang is situated in western Henan Province in the lower middle reaches of the Yellow River. Luoyang´s cultural heritage includes a rich collection of artifacts and numerous historical sites. The remains of over a hundred primitive villages; the ruins of the Yin-Shang period at Erlitou; the ancient Shang city of Yanshi; the sites of the capital cities of the Eastern Zhou, Han and Wei; the eastern capital of the Sui and Tang; the rock grottoes at Longmen, the Temple of the White Horse and the artifacts unearthed from thousands of tombs – these will conjure up pictures of life in ancient Luoyang and incite wonder and admiration in the mind of any visitor. Some of the finest cultural relics unearthed over the years are presented in this book for the benefit of readers who have not had the chance to see and enjoy them firsthand. Text by Ye Wansong and Yu Fuwei.

Antiquarisches Exemplar, Buch in sehr gutem Zustand

118 Seiten, Paperback, zahlreiche Farbabb., Format 23 x 25,4 cm, Morning Glory Publishers, Beijing, 1. Auflage 1990, alle Texte in Englisch und Chinesisch

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